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Die internationale Vereinigung freischaffender Künstler

An international combination of free lance artists   


                      Biography Dan Gibson,  USA          


I am a self taught, 52 year old artist and I have been painting since 1992.  I live in beautiful east Tennessee, u.s.a.  I was a member of the Chroma Artist Association located in Knoxville, Tennessee for a few years.  My paintings have been on exhibit at the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville at several art shows. My work has been shown in the Market Square area of downtown Knoxville and surrounding areas. My paintings with work by other local artist were featured on a local, television station. The Rogersville Review Newspaper (Tennessee's oldest newspaper) did an article on me and my art. It appeared in the July 13, 2002 edition. The Independent Herald Newspaper in Oneida, Scott County, Tennessee ran the same article in their Aug. 15, 2002 edition.  I now make my home in Morristown, Tennessee and I am a member of the Morristown Art Association.  One of my paintings was recently chosen to be in the prestigious M.A.A. Juried Art Show held at the historic Rose Center.  Another painting recently placed third in the well known 2004 Grainger County Art Show.  I have never been as happy and contented as I am now in this stage of my life. I am at peace with myself and my Higher Power. I have been very lucky I can paint as I wish. I have tried to do what is unique to me. I work in different medium's. I like for people to relate to my work in their own personal way. I try to employ different technique's in my art. I like to capture the basic image of the subject matter with a free-form stroke and then devote time to various area's of the painting. I hope the color's I use with their muted tones and shades will suggest what the viewer is seeing rather than telling. I like for the viewer to be drawn into my painting and each viewer have their own interpretation of what they see and feel! I hope my art will evoke different emotions.   I am very fond of saying, "Art is my Life and Life is my Art".

Thank you,

Dan Gibson



 Ascending Souls   tribut to 11-12 victims of N.Y.C  acrylic on 16"x28" canvas


Floral Galore  acrylic on 20"x30" canvas



                                                                                                                        Lady Reading  acrylic on 16"x20" canvas



            Over The Horizon  acrylic on 16"x20" canvas



                                                                                           Red Mountain Sunrise  acrylic on 38"x46" canvas



    Relaxing  acrylic on 16"x20" canvas



                                                                                              Secretive Lady  acrylic on 30"x20" canvas



    Serenity  acrylic on 8"x10" canvas



                                                                                                    Smoky Mountain Sunset  acrylic on 20x25 1/2" canvas



 Sunflowers Dancing In The Wind  acrylic on 16"x20" canvas



Direkt zur Homepage des Künstlers:  http://www.angelfire.com/tn2/countrydan/index.html


Dan Gibson, artist
July 2002, Rogersville Review Newspaper Office
Rogersville, Tennessee