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Die internationale Vereinigung freischaffender Künstler

An international combination of free lance artists  


   Harriet Jameson Pellizzari, UK,Scotland/Austria   


Harriet Jameson Pellizzari was born 1954 in Bearsden Glasgow Scotland of a Scottish father and Austrian mother. She studied art as a main subject at Westbourne School for girls and graphic design at Michaelis School of art at Cape Town University. She has had many exhibitions in Cape Town, Innsbruck, Mieming Plateau, Burgenland as well as long term exhibits in famous restaurants as Professor Barnard’s La Vita, Spargies, Stellenbosch Hydro Wellness hotel and the elegant Burgenstube in Axams Austria. Harriet does interior design making and upholstering furniture for home, hotel and restaurants. She often includes a mural in her décor. She recently learned to cut glass and is happy to make lampshades and glasswork by order. She has a studio in Cape Town and Mieming Plateau near Innsbruck in Austria there she works and lives with her husband and two girls. She has great pleasure in opening her new website at http://harrietsdesign.netfirms.com and hopes you will enjoy viewing her new gallery of work and would love to have your comments and orders for new and existing work




     Arum lillie - acrylic   2011



                                                                                           Blond - Acrylic



     Canned - Oil   2012



                                                                                           Frog Prince -Acrylic   2012



     Gallert - Acrylic   2012



                                                                                           Good Morning - Acrylic   2011



     Gypsie - Watercolour   2012



                                                                                           Lady O - watercolour



     Silver Wood - Oil   2013



                                                                                           Table Talk   2013



Trio - Acrylic   2012



Direkt zur Homepage der Künstlerin:  http://www.surfvilla.de/harriet/index.htm

 t   harrietsdesign@hotmail.com