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Zelenskaya   "Valia Paélla"     Russia    



MY PSEUDO: 'Valia' - short name of the artist first name Valentina. 'Paella' - the name of the traditional food of Spanish Valence Cuisine known as a colorful plate of see food, piquant spices and rise. The pseudo has been chosen by the Artist due to the mixture of 'art ingridients' or technique (from the most simple up to the sophisticated one) that she use in her painting to express the world.

MY STYLE: To mix all the materials and technique (a la paella) in order to express the hidden wishes, desires and other unconsiouse things.

MY IDEA: I want to evoke the sensation of neverending space as a parable for inner feeling. I believe that painting is still capable of exceeding all other forms of visual expression in its infinite capacity to be physical, spiritual or whatever






                                       Scisco and his birds 70x70 Acrylic on canvas



                                                                                                                  MORNING IN SAINT MALO 60x50 Oil on Canvas



                             SUBLIMATION DE LA RESPIRATION 70X70 Acrylic on Canvas



                                                                                                                            ESCAPE 22x33 Acrylic on Canvas



      BIRDS 41x162 Oil on Canvas



                                                                                                                     SIBERIAN GIRL 32x32 Oil on Canvas



                       INSIDE 28x28 Oil on Canvas



                                                                                               AUTUMN 33x22 Acrylic on Canvas



           LIBERIZATION 22x33 Acrylic on Canvas


ANGELS 40x46 Acrylic on Canvas



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