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Die internationale Vereinigung freischaffender Künstler

The international combination of free lance artists  


    Cardella    Italy    




Cardella’s biography



Giuseppe Cardella in art “clla” was born in Sicily in 1944.

He lives and works in Ribera, a little town of Sicily not far from Agrigento, in via Castelli. He has come to art as a self-taught person. In his works, natural light and shade come out from the new technique that the artist obtains by manipulating the canvas. He has taken part to a lot of art shows in Italy and abroad, obtaining mentions and prizes.

Enzo Minio  Giornalista


< … This my painting is like living in a dream like world … Through the shapes and the colours I give space to my ego, to the desire to convey the “joie de vivre” and to love first of all myself and then the others, to see better myself inside and out, to find myself in a soul’s journey and to savour my way step by step, with the clear and light conscience of who carries a precious crystal: “MY EGO”>.

Giuseppe Cardella






























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