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Die internationale Vereinigung freischaffender Künstler

An international combination of free lance artists  


     Silvana Brunotti, Italy    


Silvana Brunotti was born in Rome on January 23, 1932.

In 1947 she enrolled herself in the Art School of Rome, where her teachers were Guttuso, Gentilini and Montanarini.

She took the diploma in 1951 and, afterwards, she thaught drawing for a short period at the secondary school of Poggio Mirteto.

In 1952 she left the teaching and she enrolled herself in the Fine Arts Academy of Rome.

Always in those years, after she conceived a passion for the ceramics, she learned all the techniques and the passages of its workmanship in a factory near Rome.

In the following years she devoted herself to the ceramics and, above all, to the painting, since then her principal form of expression.


Only in 1985 she took part at her first extemporary painting competition, and she won the 2nd prize.

Next year she won the 1
st prize at the extemporary painting contest “Spring of Terracina” and, in that occasion, she met the art critic Giorgio Marlin who, impressed by her painting, in the following years he involved her in a series of important initiatives.

On July 1987 she took part at the international collective exhibition “Woman in Art” in Rome and, on September she received a certificate of merit at the Tiberine Academy of Rome, where she took part at the collective exhibition “Painters at the Tiberine Island”.




                                                                                                                           Campo di cardi olio su tela 60x30


                                                             cavalli olio su tela 100x70



                                                                               Il bambino e il gatto 60x80 olio su tela



                                                                                                                               Il Foro Romano olio su tela 70x50



                                                    Il porticciolo di Sperlonga Aquarell  



                                                                                                                          La Caffarella- il casale olio su tela      



                        La Madonna nera olio su tela 40x50



                                                                                                                              Le peonie Aquarell


Roma- i tetti olio su tela 60x30


Direkt zur Homepage der Künsterin:  http://www.silvanabrunotti.it/